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County Clare, Ireland


County Clare is located on the west coast of Island of Ireland, west to Lough Derg - Shannon River. It was under the jurisdiction of Munster Province in history. Clare is one of Ireland’s earliest 32 counties, with an area of 3,147 square kilometers and a population of 117,000, ranking seven and 19 respectively across Ireland. Ennis is its capital.


Clare is generally divided by waters from the rest of the country. It borders Ireland’s longest river Shannon in the south-east, the Shannon estuary in the south, Ireland’s third largest lake Lough Derg in the northeast, the Atlantic in the west, and Galway Bay in the north. Brunswick district in County Clare is famous for Cliffs of Moher, a unique karst terrain, as well as precious species of flowers and wildlife.


Cliffs of Moher, Europe’s highest cliffs stretching on the far western edge of the Island of Ireland, is a breathtaking masterpiece created by the changes in the earth’s crust and the tough waves of the Atlantic Ocean. 214 meters over the Atlantic, the cliffs extend for 8km along the west coast of Europe. As Ireland’s most important seabird colony, the cliffs provide sanctuary to more than 30,000 seabirds every year. Rare plant species can also be seen here.


County Clare enjoys a diversity of economic types, with agriculture and related sector being an important part. Ennis and Shannon regions boast prosperous industrial and commercial development. Shannon FTA is one of Ireland’s largest economic centers. Clare has been considered to be one of the centers of Irish culture, especially famous for its local music and dances. It is also home to many literary giants. The county holds literature and music festivals every year, attracting enthusiasts from far and near.


During his visit to County Clare in May 2012, President Xi Jinping suggested that Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark establish friendly relations with a Chinese geopark. Under the great support of the Chinese Embassy in Irelandthe twinning of Yunnan Province and County Clare and the two geoparks was officially done in May 2015.

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