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Bali Province, Indonesia


  Bali Province, consisting of the Bali islands, is situated some 1000 kilometers east of Jakarta, with an area of ?5,637 square kilometers and a population of 4.1 million, of which 80% are Hindus. About 120,000 overseas Chinese live in Bali, forming dozens of Chinese associations of various kinds. The annual average temperature across the island is 24-28 °C. The capital city of Bali is Denpasar.


  Tourism is a pillar industry in Bali. As a world-famous tourist destination, and reputed as “a paradise of flowers and poetry” and “a paradise on south sea”, Bali boasts well-developed tourism industry featuring top-notch hotels and facilities. There are some 1,500 four-star or five-star hotels of distinctive characteristics and various grades on Bali Island.


  Bali is one of the treasure-houses of Indonesia’s cultures, famous for resplendent local dances, music, sculptures and paintings. The most representative dances are lion dance and monkey dance. Ubud Arts and Culture Village is widely known for local paintings and sculptures. At its arts center, tourists can appreciate woodcarving and painting works, watch how these works are done by the locals, and buy wood carvings, batiks, silver wares, beads and other crafts.


  Yunnan established friendship provinces relationship with Bali Province on November 22, 2003. Since then, the two sides have seen regular high-level visits, tourism and cultural exchanges and cooperation. Bali Province sent an art troupe to attend the opening ceremony of the Tourism Fair held in Kunming. The two professional performances they staged showcased the unique folk art of Bali and enhanced the mutual understanding and friendship between the people of the two provinces. A delegation of Dali orchid industry also went to Denpasar to attend Indonesia Orchid Festival 2008, promoting the international cooperation and exchanges of Yunnan’s orchid industry as well as the friendly exchanges between the two provinces.

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