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2015-10-13 15:32:00




经我驻捷克大使馆牵线搭桥,2014年7月奥洛莫茨州与我省取得工作联系,表达了希积极推动两省州在文化、科技、教育、经贸、旅游等领域的友好交流合作进而推动建立友好省州关系。我省予以积极回应,并与奥州共同推动两省州结好。2014年底,奥州州长伊日·罗兹博日尔率由捷克共和国总统顾问、前副总理兼外长扬·科胡特、副州长帕维尔·索尔提斯等组成的代表团访问我省,与我省签署了《中华人民共和国ca88省和捷克共和国奥洛莫茨州缔结友好省州关系意向书》、《ca88师范大学与奥洛莫茨州帕拉斯基大学合作备忘录》和《昆明钢铁控股有限公司与捷克F Air航空学校合作协议》等合作文件,进一步夯实了双方建立友好省州关系的基础。2015年1月底,捷克共和国总统顾问、前副总理兼外长扬·科胡特再次访问昆明,拜会省委书记李纪恒。目前,双方已就两省州正式结好达成积极共识。


                               Olomouc Region, Czech Republic


        Located in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, Olomouc Region borders Poland in the north. Its capital city Olomouc is the fifth largest city in Czech. With a population of about 640,000 and an area of 5267 square kilometers, Olomouc Region is an industry-based area, featuring main industries such as traditional agriculture, processing and service sectors. The south-central region of Olomouc Region enjoys fertile land, producing barley, wheat, rape seed and industrial sugar beet, whose outputs rank first in the country. Olomouc Region is home to Czech’s well-known Pulaski University, where a Confucius Institute was opened.


        Olomouc boasts many places of natural and historical interests, museums, galleries and medieval buildings. The city’s main attraction, the Holy Trinity Column towering in the central square, entered the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000 as “one of the most exceptional examples of the apogee of central European Baroque artistic expression”.


        Introduced by the Chinese Embassy in Czech, the Olomouc Region government got into contact with Yunnan in July 2014, expressing their wish of establishing friendship provinces relationship with Yunnan in the hope of promoting friendly exchanges and cooperation between the two provinces in culture, technology, education, trade, tourism and more. With a positive response from Yunnan, the two sides agreed on the twinning.


        In 2014, a delegation led by Mr. Ji?í Rozbo?il, Governor of Olomouc Region, and Mr. Jan Kohut, Adviser to the President, former Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic, visited Yunnan, and signed a letter of intent on twinning with their Yunnan counterparts. The MOU on Cooperation between Yunnan Normal University and Palasky University and Agreement on Cooperation between Kunming Iron & Steel Holding Co. and F Air Flight School were also inked during the visit. At the end of January 2015, Mr. Kohut revisited Kunming and called on Yunnan’s Party Secretary Mr. Li Jiheng. Currently, the two sides have reached a consensus on officially establishing friendship-province relationship.

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