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Timis Province, Romania


Located in the west of Romania, Timis Province has an area of  8,697 square kilometers (3.6% of Romania’s total land area) and a population of 683,540. Its capital city is Timisoara. Timis has rich tourism resources, with a lot of hunting areas, fish farms, wine cellars, lake resorts, leisure and nature reserves, and 25 300-year-old wooden churches.


SMEs accounts for 99.5% of the enterprises in Timis, or 4.3% of Romania’s SMEs. These enterprises mainly engage in mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, chemical and petrochemical, textile, leather manufacturing, wood processing and food industry. Currently Timis has four industrial parks.


Yunnan and Timis established friendship provinces relations through exchange visits between 1995 and 1998 by signing a cooperation agreement. In 2013, bilateral dialogue and cooperation between the two sides resumed and gained new momentum under the joint support from the two governments. Positive consensus on formally establishing a friendship provinces relationship was reached. In October 2013, a delegation led by Yang Yingnan, Vice Chairman of Yunnan Provincial People’s Congress visited Timis, discussing the practical cooperation between the two sides in economy, trade, education, health care and other areas. A cooperation agreement was signed between CCPIT Yunnan Branch and Timis Farming, Industry and Commerce Federation. At the invitation of Timis Province, six gynecological medical experts from Yunnan visited Timisoara and attended the Second Conference on Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery, themed on the performance and prospect of gynecological endoscopes. The six experts were warmly welcomed by the Timis provincial government and awarded “Romanian Honorary Doctor” by the Organizing Committee.

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