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Texas State, USA


  The second-largest and second most populous state in the United States of America, Texas has an area of 690,000 km2 and a population of about 26 million. Its state capital is Austin. Known for rich natural resources and energy industry, Texas is the largest energy-producing state in the US. Texas is also a major agricultural state whose production of rice, sorghum, grape, peanut and watermelon rank among the top across the US.


  In recent years, the state’s high-tech industry is developing rapidly, with the Houston-San Antonio-Dallas Triangle emerging as the “second Silicon Valley”. Houston has become the world’s largest medical training and treatment center. Since the discovery of oil in Houston area, many oil companies flocked in. 25 major oil companies, including Gulf, Shell, Texaco, have headquartered in Texas, making Texas the largest oil refining center in the US. Most of the US petrochemical products are produced here. With the development of the oil industry, Texas has also grown into a center for chemical, electronics, aircraft, metals and manufacturing industries.


  Since Yunnan and Texas officially became friendship provinces on September 10, 1992, the two sides have seen frequent exchanges of high-level visits and substantive results in medical, trade and economic cooperation. An ethnic art troupe coalition formed by arts from six prefectures of Yunnan visited Austin, Dallas, Houston and other cities, and their performance was greatly received among the citizens in these cities.


  In the 1990s, the two sides carried out extensive medical and health cooperation with fruitful results in newborns physical checkup program between Kunming Medical Institute and International Neonatal Immunotherapy Study (INIS). Discussion have also been made regarding introduction of improved varieties of fruits and roses, development of Yunnan’s advantageous TCM herbs, as well as set up of advanced tissue culture chambers and introduction of Yunnan’s officinal TCM. Texas delegation attended the Kunming 1999 International Horticultural Exposition and set up indoor and outdoor pavilions.

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