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Arkhangai Province, Mongolia


  Arkhangai Province, located in central Mongolia, has an area of 55,000 square kilometers and a population of about 100,000. Its capital city Tsetserleg is 453 kilometers from Mongolia’s capital city Ulan Bator. Established in 1923, Arkhangai is one of the four earliest provinces in Mongolia.


  As a famous tourist destination in Mongolia, the province boasts beautiful landscapes. Places of natural and historical interests in Arkhangai include Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake created from volcanic eruptions, a great number of hot springs, the Tamir Nature Reserve, E'erdeng Bulage Mountains, as well as ancient inscriptions in Hashaat Sum, the Bilge Khan inscriptions in Qaidam, and the Uyghur Khaganate ancient site in Khotont Sum.


Agriculture and animal husbandry are pillar industries of the province, the latter being particularly developed, with the largest number of livestock across Mongolia. It is also one of the developed provinces in dairy processing industry and Mongolia’s horse milk wine brewing center. The proven minerals found in Arkhangai include gold and iron, etc. In recent years, the province has seen rapid development in its industry, construction, transportation, telecommunications and more.


  October 17, 2014, Chen Hao, the then acting governor of Yunnan Province, and Erdenebat, governor of Arkhangai signed the agreement on the establishment of friendship-province relationship in Kunming. Since then, the two sides have carried out frequent personnel exchanges for more pragmatic cooperation under the framework of friendship-province relationship. In 2015, Yunnan province government granted scholarships (for academic year 2015-2016) to two high school graduates from Arkhangai for their undergraduate study at Yunnan University.

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